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If You Bought A Car From Geoff Rogers Motor Company LLC You May be Entitled To Damages

Posted by RCaldwell on August 1, 2013

If you have bought a car within the last ten years from Geoff Rogers Motor Company LLC, please call us.

More specifically, if you recall being called by an employee of Geoff Rogers Motor Company in the past 10 years and told to pay an extra amount of money to help the financing for your car, truck, van, or other automobile to be approved, please call us immediately. You may have also received this call from West Clay Motor Co. which does not affect our desire to speak with you.

Because this might constitute an advertisement, we must advise you under the rules of professional conduct that the choice of an attorney is very important and should not be based solely on an advertisement.


Posted by Penakluq on
The pictures are faattsnic! Geoff and Aimee are so cute together. Good job Melissa, Beth, and Aimee. You actually made Geoff smile which is not easy. The expressions are priceless.
Posted by Miguel on
Kinda like the title, The Geoff Larcom Project. Reminds me of that old rock group, the Alan Parsons Project. And, lo and behold, the sntuedt finds that I don't send that many emails (about one every other class day to sntuedts) and that they are . relevant.The blog is run by EMU's marketing department, but ALL the posts are by sntuedts of EMU. Posts range in topic from Grilled Cheese Friday at The Commons, to pep rallies before football games, to favorite classes to favorite headphones to use at EMU. The fun in this blog is that it's all sntuedt written and the posts are always so random and fun, like a college sntuedt's mind. You never know — while in college — what you're going to be doing or who you're going to meet. That's exactly how BlogEMU is. It's been running for a couple years but has really picked up steam this fall. The blog posts are edited before they are posted and it is the official sntuedt blog of EMU.
Posted by Gyamfi on
This is just the tip of the iceburg. I know from first hand exrpcienee. I had to find a new job to get away from issues with staff with drug problems, alcohol issues, abusive behavior. The list is long but nobody seems to care as the complaints go nowhere. To repeat, this is simply the tip of the iceburg. I cannot wait till an full investigation takes place. There is no person that should ever have to deal with the environment there
Posted by Dalton on
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Posted by Max on
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Posted by Tonaor on
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