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Missouri Passes Law for New Criminal Records to be Expunged

Posted by RCaldwell on July 19, 2012

New law to take effect on August 28, 2012 that allows more criminal records to be expunged.

Recently, Governor Jay Nixon signed into law HB1647. This law includes a new section called 610.140 which specifies that the offenses listed below can be expunged.  Specifically, the felonies can be expunged after 20 years of no other crimes (save for a few driving exceptions) and misdemeanors after 10 years of no other crimes (again, save for a few driving exceptions).

Passing bad checks (misdemeanor and felony)

Fraudulently stopping payment of an instrument (misdemeanor and felony)

Fraudulent use of a credit or debit device (misdemeanor and felony)

Negligent burning/exploding (misdemeanor)

Negligence in setting fire (misdemeanor)

Tampering in the second degree (misdemeanor)

Property damage for knowingly damaging property of another (misdemeanor)

Trespass in the first degree (misdemeanor)

Entry on posted property (misdemeanor)

Gambling (misdemeanor)

Private peace disturbance (misdemeanor)

Drunkenness or drinking in certain places (misdemeanor)

Peace disturbance (misdemeanor)


Further, the bill adds some new language to existing laws:

Switch blades are not legal for possessing, manufacturing, transporting, repairing or selling.

A utility worker or cable worker are now a special class of person that cannot be assaulted.


If you want to pursue having your record expunged and you meet one of the above offenses criteria, give Robert E. Caldwell, Jr. a call at McMichael & Logan at 636-532-1400, and let us work on cleaning up your record when the law takes effect on August 28, 2012.


Posted by Travis on
I realize that my crime is not listed above but I wonder if it is at all possible to get it expunged. I had a class B felony charge in 1993 and have not had anything since then. Thanks, Travis
Posted by RCaldwell on
Travis, unfortunately, the statute is what it is for now. If you don't meet the above criteria, as of right now at least, your conviction cannot be expunged.
Posted by Paul on
Hi I am a little confused, I am now 20 yrs passed of my felony, it was for involuntary vehicular manslaughter back in 91 but I wasn't convicted til 93. Am I available to be expunged? I see it says drunk driving. IHave not had any trouble since except maybe a speeding ticket or two and a seatbelt ticket.
Posted by RCaldwell on
Unfortunately, if it is a charge you pleaded guilty to or were found guilty of that is not on this list, you cannot yet get that plea or finding expunged.
Posted by Russ on
Since, I received a criminal expungment in 2012, Will I also be able to apply for a expungment petition for a previous arrest? This occurred over 30

years ago. I could not apply before because of the misdemeanor conviction.
Posted by RCaldwell on
Russ, I'm not sure. Give me a call so we can discuss the facts more.
Posted by Robert on
More than 10 years ago I plead guilty to possession of drug paraphernalia (marijuana pipe) without the use of a lawyer.  Is it possible to have this record expunged or sealed, as I am having trouble gaining meaningful employment with this on my record?
Posted by Peter on
If I had a DWI in 1992 and 2001, can I get them both expunged? I read the statute 577.054 and it reads as if I cannot, even though both occurred over 10 years ago. As I read the statute it appears that since I have two convictions, I can't expunge either one. Let me know please. Thank you.
Posted by James on
I have an assault 3rd degree Misdemeanor A can I have it expunge it happen in 04
Posted by Robert on
James, assault 3rds cannot yet be expunged.

Peter, you are correct.  Had you only had the one, if you had no other alcohol related contacts since then, you would've been able to get those expunged.
Posted by James Aaron on
The assault cant be expunged even if I was charged under false information, and I can provide information on how I was charged under wrongful information.
Posted by Vonda on
I was an accident in 2004 with the result hitting a pedestrian.. I had to plea guilty in order not to serve jail time, I was given probation and I finished my 3year term in 10 months in good standings, But it made me a class B felon. I still have all my nursing credentials, but however it's starting to show when they run a background check which has hindered me from getting a better job. So now I wonder if it could get expunged or pardoned. I'm confused and need help.
Posted by Barbara Young on
 I was charged with assault, later they added a second charge of burglary. They said if I'd plead guilty to assault they would drop the burglary.  I wouldn't plead.  prior to this my record was completely clean. I was incarcerated in 1998.  Since then I've had one speeding ticked.  Well it be possible in 2018 to have my record expunged our pardoned?  Thank you.
Posted by Michelle on
Is there any other way of clearing my record. I was never a resident of Missouri but I have drug possession charges that are 11 years old, I have no other offenses ever in any states
Posted by Robert on
Vonda, I don't see it under the statute, so I do not believe you can get an expungement.
Barbara, you can petition the governor for a pardon, but your offense does not fall under the list of expungeable offenses in the statute.
Michelle, if your crime did not occur in Missouri and was not a federal crime, the Missouri and federal laws cannot help you unfortunately.  Best thing to do is contact an attorney in the state where your charges occurred.
Posted by Anthony on
Is there anything I can do for a 1st degree property damage (Class D felony) charge that I incurred with when I was 17?
Posted by Robert on
Anthony, while property damage as a misdemeanor is covered, the felony version is not. I would suggest you keep writing your state representatives and asking them to make a change to the law. You can also petition the governor for a pardon.
Posted by Cindy on
I had a DWI in Bethany 8/99 I thought I had taken care of everything!
I moved to Iowa in 1992but traveled as an emergency in 1999. I have had a drivers license in Iowa since 1992
No tickets except for a seat belt and 4 speeding tickets since that! (22 years) I am 58  have not any charges at all. For anything!
I went to renew my license here and they said I had a hold in Missouri. After 3 days of calling, I was told that I had a $25 fine not paid, and a new law says that I have to pay the fine(no problem) BUT-- I have to take a class and have a machine put in my car! For 6 months???
This is crazy, they said that I was sent a letter in September of 2003 after some change in law and that was the month I moved and can only guess it was lost in the forwarding. This is insane! I have to deal with this within 30 days or Iowa wil not license me"
Question  Over 14 years can they do this? And if they have a law for this to be expunged. I have a business that I drive, with employees in van,  this is nuts!! Is there anything it can do, I contacted a lawy here and they said to contact a missouri lawyer. But there is something wrong with them doing this and paying a lawyer ifbI can find one is just wrong,
Posted by Cindy on
I had a DWI in Bethany 8/99 I thought I had taken care of everything!
I moved to Iowa in 1992but traveled as an emergency in 1999. I have had a drivers license in Iowa since 1992
No tickets except for a seat belt and 4 speeding tickets since that! (22 years) I am 58  have not any charges at all. For anything!
I went to renew my license here and they said I had a hold in Missouri. After 3 days of calling, I was told that I had a $25 fine not paid, and a new law says that I have to pay the fine(no problem) BUT-- I have to take a class and have a machine put in my car! For 6 months???
This is crazy, they said that I was sent a letter in September of 2003 after some change in law and that was the month I moved and can only guess it was lost in the forwarding. This is insane! I have to deal with this within 30 days or Iowa wil not license me"
Question  Over 14 years can they do this? And if they have a law for this to be expunged. I have a business that I drive, with employees in van,  this is nuts!! Is there anything it can do, I contacted a lawy here and they said to contact a missouri lawyer. But there is something wrong with them doing this and paying a lawyer ifbI can find one is just wrong,
Posted by Robert on
Well, if you have a DWI, I believe the law is now that you can do that if you have had no prior alcohol contacts, and it has been ten years (off the top of my head).  As far as the class and the machine, that sounds accurate to my recollection. I suspect the retroactive aspect of it has been challenged to some degree but have not read the case law on that issue yet.
Posted by chris on
I have class b drug felonies from 2001. I thought I was having them "expunged" but come to find out they were set aside and listed as dismissed. Is it possible to have them expunged??
Posted by Kathryn on
In 2000 I was charged with Promoting Pornography to a minor. It sounds worse than it was! I was working at a bar in Union, MO that had nude dancers, there was a raid and we all went to jail. Is there a way to get this expunged?
Posted by Mimi on
I have a felony robbery conviction that is 12 years old that is the only thing on my record. Is there any chance of having it sealed or expunged?
Posted by Paul on
I have 2 class e felonies in kansas  one in 1992 the other in 1993 , driving on suspended if they are expunged can I get a ccw permit in Missouri ?
Posted by jill on
I was arrested nearly 10 years ago, for attempting to get narcotics from the drug store. "Attempted" my lawyer told me to take the plea or else I would most certainly make the courts mad and do time in prison(7years). well since that time I have become severely disabled and can't work, I have struggled to raise a child and can't get any help from food stamps nor can I get a part time job (even if I wasn't sick.
now my boy is trying to go through college, full time and he is considering dropping out to get a job so that he can get a min. wage job just so we can eat. I do not want him to quit now as he is more than half way to get his degree in nursing science, he is an above average student, and has received many honors in the community college,and i don't want him to drop & worry about me,eating & surviving.
bottom line with having a drug felony I can not get any food stamps or any other assist. and I might ad that not to many landlords want a felon to rent from them.
Can I get my record expunged or sealed from public view?
Posted by Jerome DiCarro on
I have a 1979 -1980 classC felony (burglary) . can this be reduced or sealed , expunged from my record .  could this be reduced misdemeanor ? 
Posted by Matthew on
Current legislation in the Missouri state house (HB1151) would expand the ability of this expungement law to include all class B and C misdemeanors and also some Class A misdemeanors of theft. How would be the best way to go about encouraging representatives to pursue passage of this bill, and what does it mean that the bill has been referred to the Judiciary? Thanks for any advice. 
Posted by Dianne dean on
Hi, I have a common assault which was reduce to a amend  to littering in 2012 can I have this expunge?
Posted by Robert H. on
I was arrested in 2007 for a fugitive from justice charge that arose from a felony warrant for an attempted theft charge in Kansas. I have since gotten the Kansas conviction expunged, but I want to know if I have to wait 20 years to get rid of the fugitive from justice arrest. If the underlying conviction is expunged, and the fugitive from justice charge was dismissed, do I still have to wait 20 years to expunge that arrest record?
Posted by Doug W. on
I'm pretty sure there's nothing I can do but just want to verify...
I was arrested in 1984 for Stealing Over $150 (felony)
I plead guilty to & was convicted of Stealing Under $150 (misdemeanor)
Is there any way to modify the arrest? It seams to be the only thing that shows up on my background & I continually have to provide the. Disposition.
Posted by Sally on
Offense 1: 03/17/2014 - Guilty (Conviction) 
((SES)) Sentence: 1 year Jail, 1 year Suspended, 2 years Probation -- currently serving probation
Theft/Stealing - Less than $500, A Misdemeanor 

I have been refused employment at several locations. Is there any way to close/expunge/seal this from my record so I am able to gain employment? 

Posted by gary mayfield on
I was convicted of a misdemeanor weed charge of 1 gram that i plead guilty to how can i get the charge reduced if thats possible the county was new madrid missourri¡
Posted by Jennifer Conley on
I plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge of passing a bad check less than $500 in 2007 and count 1 stealing 2005 in the state of Missouri (Cass County).  I also plead guilty to a domestic battery (misdemeanor) in 2008 in Wyandotte County Kansas.  I currently live in Phoenix, AZ, and I do not know how I am going to handle this situation.  Do I have to come back to Missouri and Kansas to get this taken care of, and what is the cost to get these expunged from my record?  Thank you for your help.
Posted by Georgette Brittingham on
I have 3 felony drug charges ... I didn't deserve these charges I feel I was wrongly convicted neverless I still have felonies on my background. Can I somehow get these sealed or expunged so that I can further my education?
Posted by Josh on
I have a class D felonies of attempted theft. Was charged in 2007. Do I quailfy? Thanks
Posted by Robert on
If everyone could contact our office, it would be easier to answer your questions. We do not get much time to read all of the comments, and we would like to answer your questions.
Posted by Renee Ussery on
Hello on 4/3/2012 I was arrested for possession of 35 grams  marijuana misdemeanor A rsmo:195.202 case number 12so-cr00505 I pleaded not guilty and case was dismissed but this is showing up on my criminal background stopping me from getting housing I'm currently living in a shelter and this is keeping me homeless please help me seal this. So I may get a place to live. Please help me contact the right one if it's not you. thanks in advance.
Posted by Dee on
I have a felony d conviction for passing bad checks (which is on the list). Is it 20 years from conviction or from completion of probation?
Posted by wanda thibodeau on
hi,  I have a misemeanor, class A sexual abuse bogus charge, from a small town grooked police officer and his wife, who was racist, is there anyway i can get this expunged, i never told my 5 children about this as i brought them up in a single parent Christian home environment, and now that one of them are having trouble with child protective services and i would like to get temporary custody of my 3 grand children, CPS will see this impossible to place the children in my home, although i have had the oldest one (4 years old) since he was 3 days old, in fact they found out about this and removed him from my home, and i have taken the 3 year old and 2 year old about 2 weeks out of every month, i have supported all these children since birth. and they all lived in my owned home since they have had the babies, i was just trying to help them grow to be responsible people, until i found out the reason they are in the predicament in the first place, not only and i fearful of my sons drug use, and loosing the case with my grand children, but my son has told my other children about this and has turned all the children against me, and we use to be so close, especially with my youngest daughter.  please help me too find out what i can do as my children and grand children are all i have.   Thank You and have a Blessed day.
Posted by wanda p. on
hi,  I have a misemeanor, class A sexual abuse bogus charge, from a small town grooked police officer and his wife,  over 21 years ago, who was racist, is there anyway i can get this expunged, i never told my 5 children about this as i brought them up in a single parent Christian home environment, and now that one of them are having trouble with child protective services and i would like to get temporary custody of my 3 grand children, CPS will see this impossible to place the children in my home, although i have had the oldest one (4 years old) since he was 3 days old, in fact they found out about this and removed him from my home, and i have taken the 3 year old and 2 year old about 2 weeks out of every month, i have supported all these children since birth. and they all lived in my owned home since they have had the babies, i was just trying to help them grow to be responsible people, until i found out the reason they are in the predicament in the first place, not only and i fearful of my sons drug use, and loosing the case with my grand children, but my son has told my other children about this and has turned all the children against me, and we use to be so close, especially with my youngest daughter.  please help me too find out what i can do as my children and grand children are all i have.   Thank You and have a Blessed day.
Posted by wanda p. on
how do i delete my name on the first posting here, i was not aware my name would show here,
Posted by joshua on
I had an minor assault in 2004 in Missouri..can I get that removed so I can work for the state
Posted by Ashley on
Hi My boyfriend is getting released from probation in January 2015 for a CCW charge. Can his record be expunged?
Posted by Ken Dillingham on
I had a felony conviction in 1992 for conspiracy to to distribute cocaine. No sales or possession. Received one year in work release program and three years probation. Served the probation with no problems. Can this felony be removed from records?
Posted by C. E. B on
I was convicted of a felony drug possession, either in 1981 or 1982 in Franklin County MO. I had never before, or after had any run-in's with law enforcement, nor have I done anything illegal. Basically I have a very clean record except for this situation which had extenuating circumstances. I was found with 500 on my person. These drugs were my husbands' (who had them) with the intent to sell. (My husband has been deceased since 1987). I was never involved in his dealings. One evening police officers suddenly showed up banging on our door, my husband said that I should shove them in my pants. Stupid? Yes! Tagged as a Felon for the rest of my life? REALLY?! The only responsibility I feel I deserve is as an accessory since I did have knowledge of what he intended to do with them. So, what do you think my chances are of getting my record pardoned or expunged?
Posted by Charlie on
I had DWI convictions in 1987, 1988, 1989 and 1991. Can any or all of these now be expunged/
Posted by bill on
i was convicted of a drug possession and pleaded guilty and had an sis on the end and spent 5 years probation and have not had any trouble since 2006 and have completed all requirements and have my rights back to vote and have legally purchased firearms and passed all background checks, can not get a missouri ccw. How is that possible?
Posted by Sherise on
I have a class c felony for theft. I was sentenced  April 2004. It was an SES. Can you help me get this off of my record and/or what are my options? It was also my first and last offense. 
Posted by dustin on
I pled guilty to a class c felony of drug possession in 2005. I'm wanting to know if its possible to have my record expunged yet in order to join the army?
Posted by Jamie on
Hi I have an identity theft (misdemeanor) charge from 2005. This was for less than $50.00. I completed probation via mail-in and was done within a year without any problems. This is still on my record and I would like to find out if I am eligible to get this removed somehow.
Posted by thomas ray on
The early 80's I plead guilty to 2nd degree burglary in st.louis and received a 2 year sentence.Can this be expunged and if so what would be the cost?
Posted by Stephen Baker on
I had a felony controlled substance charge for 2 vicodin pills while driving. I hired a lawyer to represent me in St. Louis County. He disregarded my claim as why i had the pills out of their bottle. Well i was convicted and had to do time. Since then, i completed Choices Drug counseling and other courses to help better myself. My charges were in 2007, i was getting vicodin prescribed while incarcerated for the same reason I had it in the first place. My tooth was infected, but since then pulled. Is this a possible expungement case?
Posted by vince on
Arrested for drugs when 17 now I'm 31 got it lowered to a littering ticket so the charge on my record says littering can I get that expunged and get my Missouri ccw?
Posted by Ladena on
Hello. I was convicted of a misdemeanor fraudulent of a credit device. no jail time . Two years probation.  Its only been a couple of months. It suck! Got hired at state farm got fired same day. Got employed with pyramid home care got fired again. I cant found a job that will either hire me or keep me on . Very frustrating. Im single mother n i have to work. I cant found anything because of this. What can i do?
Posted by Greg Sharp on
I got one count of mail fraud in 1997 related to a gambling addiction  Can I get it expunged in 2017 ? Greg 
Posted by jose torres on
I got a felony in Missouri in '94, but I was and still am a texas resident.... unfortunately I picked another felony in 99 in texas tho! can I still be eligible for the expungement in Missouri? thank you for time
Posted by Eric on
never convicted recieved and alpha plea 
Sexual Misconduct-1st Degree { Misdemeanor A RSMo: 566.090 }Sentence   (Suspended Execution of Sentence)
Posted by Casey Bumpus on
Yes I have a peace disturbance on me its the first time ive ever had to go to court I have no idea what im walking into. Can someone that has had a first time peace disturbance please help me here. 
Posted by jeanne on
I had a class D felony back in 1994. I was not convicted entered a Alfored plea. Made restitution of $350.00 and did 2 years probation. Not even so much as traffic ticket since. Am I meeting the requirements?
Posted by julie adams on
I recently discovered I have a misdemeanor charge for stealing and drug possession in MIssouri in 1983-can that be expunged? I don't even remember it and the courts can't seem to find the records but it recently came up on a background check
Posted by Dee on
Do I meet the requirements for a mine misdemeanor in 2012.  I was set to reschedule my court date for the warrant I have out.  I had a marital dispute that caused me to contact the police and once they ran my ID I got arrested.  I have always had a clean record but this record/charge is really preventing me from getting a good job that I highly qualify for.  I will try to expunge it and state my case.  I have never been without a job for this long!
Posted by missey on
I am writing today because back on June 5 2006 my husband at the time falsely accused me of trying to commit suicide and had me incarcerated on a 96 hour hold it was released less than 24 hours on the floor. Just recently I had a background check run because I was going to be working in a store that sold guns it would also consider i 9000 dollar raise I was called into the office today because I have to explain why was held in a mental institution. I was told this would not appear on my record but evidently it does and effects me 10 years later how do I get this off my record in do I qualify under this law
Posted by Robin on
i have 3 felony arrests no convictions and I'm still being turned down work. Because of my background check. I'm not even guilty
Posted by Charles on
I am 28. I was born in November of 86. I was charged with passing a bad check and stealing over 10 years ago and have been a law abiding citizen in Missouri since. I have been denied jobs because of these. I attended school for criminal justice only to find out what I was going in for I now cannot do. Can I be a cop if these are approved for clemency or pardon. 
Posted by David Thomas on
Hello, I was trying to find out if I could get an a common assault charged at a municipal level from 2002 and a petty larceny from 2000 expunged? First one was in University City and second was in St. Ann.
Posted by Brad on
        From what I read My criminal record is not able to be expunged. It is not hard to figure out that the law people are not going by what is in the bible to begin with.  After twenty-five years I am denied emploment based on a criminal offence that most likely would not have been prosicuted under the laws of bible. Meanwhile the law people protects the rights of people that would be surly put to death under the laws of the bible. What master is it that our law people serve? 
Posted by Chelsie Spangler on
Hi I also seen that my charge was not up there and I just got off probation last month would I be able to get mine expunged considering that I'm off probation?
Posted by Ohio Ia on
I had a misdemeanor marijuana conviction back around 1990 in Missouri.  I have had no other trouble my entire life, minus a few warnings for moving violations.  I would like to put this behind me and seal, expunge, and/or put closure on this.  Is this possible....yet?
Posted by K-bone on
Yo, back in 1992 or 1999, somewhere in there, I killt a white dude cause he wuz lookin at me all cross-eyed and all. I dint know he had a problem
wit his eyes and he always lookeded like that. Can this be expungeded?
Posted by Fatima on
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Posted by Mahmed on
I hope no one gives you mercy if you ever make a mistake, Kabong. 30-40 years ago the pcolie would have probably given her a ride and let her off without charges. Kabong, I bet you're the person who blames every person that drinks and drives for every alcohol related death in a motor vehicle. I was stopped for a wide left turn and had a .09 BAC. Unfortunately, my state doesn't allow for expungement. I had the charges reduced to reckless driving but it will stay with me for my entire life. Nothing you or anyone can tell me that even if I live a perfect life from now on that having such a record should stay forever. After paying the system in full, I should be able to continue with life.
Posted by Ricardo on
Finally someone here that doesn't throw sontes or crucify us. I was pulled over for a wide left turn and was at .09 BAC. Fortunately, I had it reduced to reckless driving misdemeanor. Unfortunately, my state doesn't allow for records to be sealed unless you were caught for possessing less than 1 ounce of weed. Basically, if I never drink again, live like a saint, I will NEVER be able to have a clean record. I think I'll have to sell myself to the CIA in return for a second chance at life.
Posted by Ziya on
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First, I'm thrilled to have eletciid so many comments from fellow bloggers and readers alike. I love to read about others' creative process as much as you do.Second, I apologize about the formatting -- no spaces. That's not how it looked when I posted the message and looked at the "preview."Finally, to answer your question about choosing whether to go long or short. I start with the subject, not the genre. I look to see if there are other biographies on the subject. If so, I probably won't duplicate that genre. I see how much material there is - some of my subjects don't have enough historical material to support a long book, so that's a picture book Sometimes they do, but I want to focus on just one part of their life -- and that's also a picture book. It's usually clear to me, fairly early in the research phase, what form the book is going to take.
Posted by Yuli on
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Posted by Justin F stone on
I'm very interested in finding out if my record has been expunged I had a class B felony over 20 years ago a class C felony 12 years ago and was wondering what the case would be for me both were possession of an illegal substance and sales to an undercover
Posted by Dustin F stone on
I would be very interested to find out if mine has been expunged class B felony over 20 years ago for sales of marijuan and Class C felony for possession over 12 years ago
Posted by Roger on
Yes I would like to know. I had a shopplifting charge this year and I was given an SIS suspended imposition of sentence, my question is this I work retail and most retail companies perform background checks, so is my conviction a conviction until probation is over in two years or is there no conviction for the entire time I'm on probation?
Posted by tracey on
My husband was given 2 20yr sentenced for stealing. This was over 20yrs ago. Both class C felonies.  He paroled out, while out he got another charge. It's a class C also, but they said he is a prior offender and gave him 12 yrs. Can he have the 40 yrs reduced or expunged? He argued.that he had not had a charge in 20yrs when he was given the 12. Could getting it expunged also he this case?
Posted by Phill on
Hello.. I had a SIS about 2001-02 and have completed it with no other issues/arrest since then..It was a Class C Felony C S charge..Am i able to get this expunged? Really wanting to get my CCW License and was told that i would prolly get denied due to my SIS years ago..Hoping something can be done but i am guessing it can not until Class C felonies are added to the statue of expungement..
Posted by Courtney Smith on
I was convicted of fraudently utilizing someone elses check in 1995, and I want this c felony sealed, because since then I have did a 180 and obtained my ASBA, BSBA, and MBA in Business Administration and Global Leadership, and are currently 2.5 years into my PH.d. in the same field, and I do not want this old issue hendering my future, how much would it cost me?
Posted by Maher on
Hi Gretchen,Great post! I'm curious if you ahaeopcprd each project already having decided whether to go long or short (when you began researching) or if you did some research and then decided on the genre. Finding the right subject/person for a picture book biography seems to be one of the hardest things about writing short. Some stories just don't work in that shorter format. Any thoughts on how you decide?Barb Kerley
Posted by Emir on
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Posted by Clarice on
If a person had a suspended disposition of sentence, does the record need to be expunged? He completed the community service.
Just wondering if something shows up any where on his record and if it does, can it be expunged.
Posted by Jalalamar on
I had a failure to return rental property in 1997 and finished requirements in 2006 so it looks like I qualify for expunge? I am wondering what the cost are for the expunge? Well as I look closer may not qualify yet mine was a felony so I have to wait another 10 years to have expunge? My case was in Jefferson City MO.  Any info will help I am looking for a good lawyer that may be able to handle this for me.
Posted by celeste on
Whom can people contact to write letters & to possibly get this law to include drug offenses? I understand that as of now in Missouri this is not an option, but in Kansas it is. A 14 year rehabilitated drug addict should be given the opportunity as well for a "2nd chance". I know several people that would be willing to follow me in writing whom we need to try and get this changed! In my personal opinion a thief & most the crimes eligible for expunge are doing more harms to others than a drug addict! Most drug addicts are only causing harm to themselves & there being a thief causes more harm to others. This is just not fair that there really is no reward for one rehabilitating themselves when they have not harmed another!
I really need to find an address to start writing lawmakers in Missouri about this!
Posted by S on
Celeste posted on 1/22/2016 a question about who we can contact to possibly get the lawmakers to wake up and revise the expungement regulations to include drug offenses.  I took an SIS plea on 2 felony marijuana drug charges in 2001 and at this point there is no mechanism for me to even attempt to get my record cleared.  I completed my probation, even was granted an early release/completion and have not had any other incidents other than minor traffic offenses(like speeding) since.  They don't meet expungement criteria due to them being a felony, which really only felonies involving violence, sex crimes, loss of life, etc. should be excluded from the possibility of expungement.  Apparently I can't even apply for a governors pardon either because it was SIS and not an actual conviction therefore there is nothing to pardon so they claim.  There's obviously still something there because I can legally purchase/own/carry a firearm and vote in all elections however have been denied a ccw permit based on about 15 year old marijuana charges.  I was a stoned teenager not a danger to society.  There are so many people here expressing similar issues that clearly show a need for revisions in this law.  THERE IS A BIG DIFFERENCE BETWEEN FELONY MURDER AND MARIJUANA POSSESSION!  However our incompetent legislators have written this law in a fashion that equates felony murder and marijuana possession. 
Posted by Nancy Gravrs on
10 yr old record need it gone felony assault charge
Posted by Brandy on
I was on sis probation for controlled substance charge. I completed a year of rehab, finished my probation, my case has been closed! Can I go back to court and get it lowered to a misdemeanor? I am trying to become a nurse!
Posted by Chrystal Gibson on
Hi I was convicted in 2007 for a class B and C drug charge for attempt to manufacture and possession of a controlled substance am I eligible to get it expunged off my record I completed my parole on November1St 2013 haven't been in trouble since 2007
Posted by Sandra on
To make a long story short my son was 17 he turned 18 when all the court stuff was done in 2008 he has a class a misdemeanor child endangered on his record. Since then he has been in the army and is in college taking criminal justice and is also on the fire department can he get this expunged ??
Posted by Brian on
I was convicted of 2 felony bad checks in California in 1992. I petitioned California to have this reduced to a misdemeanor and expunged and it was just granted last week. Does this, in Missouri, restore my right own a firearm? What about conceal and carry?
Posted by Robert Jones on
I have an sis from 2007 for possession of a controlled substance and have not been in trouble before or since and completed everything in good standing. Can I get it expunged off my record as I am a chef and have had opportunity to work in casinos but require gaming license
Posted by Michael on
Can I have criminal child nonsupport cade espunghed. It is over 20 yes old.
Posted by Hal on
Is is possible to have a nonsupport conviction expunged? It occurred in 1997.
Posted by Esther on
I caught a drug charge in 2000 felony. Am I able to get expungement for my charge this is my only charge?
Posted by richard on
19 years ago I was convicted of 2burglary and taking advise from a public defender plead guilt,my dispostion is sis,this has kept me from doing certain jobs,can this be exspunged from my record?one year probation without any issues.
Posted by angela on
I was wondering my uncle got a manufacturing charge 17 years ago the only time he has ever been in trouble, how is he suppose to get his life back? He has had to do odd and ends jobs to support his family cause no employer will hire him because of it.
Posted by Michael Bate on
I plead to a Child Endangerment  felony Class D Charge in 2004 through some terrible advice by an unexperienced lawyer. I am no longer on probation and it's been 12 years. I had no prior criminal history or any since. Can I have my record expunged???
Posted by Tara on
Hi. My name is Tara, I plead guilty in 2002 for a class c felony of burglary and a class c felony of stealing over 750 dollars, I was young and dumb. I am now a CNA and would like to become a LPN. Can I have these removed ever? Or expunged?  Please answer. Thank you.
Posted by Steven Unterreiner on
 Hello my name is Steven. I am a semester away from getting my Bachelor in Criminal Justice and look for a way to expunge a Class A Enderdanger the welfare of a children so I can go to the police academy. This happen in 2006 and I have not have any tickets what so ever since then, I have served my country for the passed 6 six and still in and just wanting to clean my records is this possible. Anothr note this all happen when I was under the age of 18.
Posted by Nichole on
Hi I had a theft by deception charge in 1997 can this be expunged?
Posted by Mathew on
I have a criminal non-support felony with a guilty plea date of 2011 I have completed all probation and have zero arrearage I actually now have custody of the children who were involved in the support case. I have a Bachelor's degree that is useless with this felony conviction and I could support my children much more effectively if I could get it expunged. Is there really just NO hope?
I have a felony for working and receiving food stamps and welfare in 2007. Can I get this felony expunged?
Posted by Danielle on

I see MIS and FEL for bad checks but does that include forged also?
Posted by Bill on
I got a felony possession of marijuana reduced to a Class A misdemeanor, did 12 months probation with an SIS back in 1978. Can I now get this expunged in Missouri in 2017?
Posted by Kelley marie on
Hello I was wondering if you could help me, I have a closure case of what was an SIS bad check class C Felony that is now closed to the public. It hasn't been 20yrs but I was wanting to be able to see if I could get it expunged. Any chance or do I have to wait the full 20yrs before they consider it. My reason is I'm wanting to join the military but I'm still considered a felon to them even though it's hidden. Is there anyway to fix this or not. Thank you
Posted by W. Simms on
I would like to know if I qualify to get my 34 year old shoplifting/stealing misdemeanor charges expunged? It wasn't until last Monday August 22nd 2016 that I felt for a moment all I have worked so hard to achieve was for nothing! My dark days I had put behind me surfaced! Well needless to say my new job working as a Career Advisor for the DoD, servicing military spouses came to a crashing halt when my FBI fingerprint background report came back and it appeared as though I had falsified my employment application. I honestly did not know my arrests back in 1982 and 1984 were actual convictions. I was totally oblivious to the laws and how my future would be affected.
I have worked successfully for two Federal programs who conducted FBI background checks prior to DoD and this has never occurred . I have been licensed in Missouri as a Teacher and worked as a Foster care Case Manager. I was devastated when that phone call took place. I have always put on job applications that I have never been convicted of a crime. If it states if I have ever been arrested, I always answer yes, with an explanation.
So, I'm asking if those charges can be expunged please tell me what steps to take . This past week has been a nightmare for me, I just turned 53 years old and thought I would be retiring from that company.
Posted by Heather on
Class c felony stealing in 1991 I called att and put house phone in someone else's name without their permission. Can I get it expunged
Posted by C. Gaddy on
 Hello I'm trying to find out how to go about getting my record expunged. My charges are from 97 and 98 I have not been in any sort of trouble since this. I was looking on my records and ran across a stipulation that said if I was to obtain my G.E.D that it would be removed. I never seen this stipulation before. I'm happy to announce though that I have since not been in trouble since these charges. I have obtained my G.E.D and graduate this year as a paralegal. I'm just needing a little advice on how to get this started. I'd really appreciate any advice you could offer me.. Thank you for your time. 
Posted by Anonymous on
I have a class b felony with tampering in the 2nd degree with a guilty plea. No convictions or guilty pleas ever since, I was charge at 17. I am looking forward into having a pardon. However- I was hoping I can have an expungement in addition a pardon at the same time. Would this be possible to have? I want to build a good life for my family (wife/children). This has been a total embarrassment to myself and has made me lived a depressing life, and I still think about all the wrong things I have done. And try to convince myself I can make it better, but I can't. It has been a burden on my shoulders because I can pass any government test in flying colors, be able to Analize anything that has been going on with crimes. I want to protect my country by becoming a police officer or any other type of government issue that helps. I'm Hoping to get the best answers possible to have this cleared out. 
Posted by AryMacedo on
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