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Class Action Lawsuit Against Investment Realty for Wrongful Withholding of Security Deposits

Posted by admin on August 14, 2012

If you meet the criteria for the Investment Realty class action lawsuit advertisement, please call us.


Posted by ken briick on
My Name is Ken Briick and we have had this same experience with investment reality. We lived at 8 trevor lane in st james and we had a 850.00 security deposit that managed to use for unnessary repairs, painting, and even told us that the owner got a certain amount of money to do with what he please. So then we moved to rolla 1412 commercial dr in Dec.of 2011 and stayed there until Oct. of 2012 as i was relocated by my company ,we notified investment of this relocation and they told me to bad. We put a for rent sign in our front yard ( they wanted 250.00 ) to that. Just this week my Dad who lives in Peroia IL. recieved a letter saying i owe them 2200.00 due by 3/15 or they will put this on my credit. We have never recieved a letter of explanation for these charges ,not to mention i Had to relocate ,what was i suppose to do ?My phone number is 573-261-0024 if there anything you can do i would love for your help
Posted by Mustang on
I rented for a full year from Investment in Rolla. They called about two months before my lease was up and wanted to know immediately if I was going to renew the lease. I told them no, I was leaving when the lease expired. Then, on a Saturday morning somebody entered my apartment without consent. I was never called, or contacted in any way by Investment. I was in the shower just after 8am when this person entered, they was showing my apartment to someone interested BUT was never asked for permission to enter or show the apartment. I told them that morning while they were there they had no permission to do that and the woman said she did call and talked to me. As soon as she left, I checked my phone. She did call but I missed the call and no voicemail was left. This was a matter of 10 minutes before she arrived. A missed call is not permission.  After moving, I did not receive my full deposit back and no comments as to why. It was almost 100$ not returned. I never had a missed payment or late payment, no damage, left everything in good condition as I found it. After the experience I had there, I have not returned since. This was in the summer of 2009
Posted by Ulcerty on
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